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do you ever meet someone and you’re like wow I could write a book about you

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There’s something very arousing about having an immediate response from people, right then and there. Theater really is much more of an actor’s medium because you’re in control of the editing, of what the audience is going to see. You’re the one making those choices. There isn’t somebody else up there cutting the moment together for you.

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His clothes say “I’ve been dragged to church by my family”. His body language says “I’m going to screw you against a barn wall”.

That’s kind of how he reads anyway sometimes. It’s that or ‘I’m an adorable hipster puppy but a rough fuck in a dingy alley isn’t beyond me at all.”

As one of my best friends says, “he looks like he knows what I look like in my underwear”

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"If I had to kill a cartoon character…it’d probably be like—yeah, Road Runner! I feel like I always wanted to kill Road Runner when I was little, and I couldn’t because he always just got away. Either that, or the Three Little Pigs. With a bow and arrow."

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